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Unilateral Vocal Fold Paralysis
Unilateral vocal fold paralysis is a condition characterized by an immobility of one vocal fold. So during the normal phonation only one vocal fold is adducted (going to the center of the glottis). The clinical result is a gap during phonation with resulting breathy and husky voice. Also in this condition, a new prothesis-free medializationlaryngoplasty with aparamedian approach to arytenoid adduction can be used to improve the voice quality, with a reduction of the glottal gap during phonation. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and completed within 90 minutes. Until now our Center has successfully treated around 650 patients with unilateral vocal fold paralysis.
Right vocal fold paralysis ( case 1 )
Left vocal fold paralysis ( case 2 )
Left vocal fold paralysis ( case 3 )
Vocal fold paralysis ( case 4 )
Vocal fold paralysis ( case 5 )
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Foreign Patients

International patients interested to have a visit with Professor Su can contact the following: The Voice Beauty Center can reply your E-mailed inquires written in English or Chiese.
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The total fee is around 4000-5000 US $ for each procedure considering case complexity. The postoperative 7- day cares are included in this fee. The waiting list is less than 3 weeks.

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