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Special Clinic of Voice Beauty Surgeries for MtF transgenders, Vocal fold atrophy, Sulcus vocalis, Vocal fold paralysis, Androphonia, Puberphonia, Presbylarnges, Spasmodic dysphonia, Vocal fold defect, Benign vocal disorders ( vocal nodule, vocal polyp, vocal cyst, Reinke's edema), Laser cordectomy for early glottic cancer. Contact Email:

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Transgender voice surgery (MtF voice feminization surgery)
"I'm not sir, I'm ma'am." For MtF transgenders, even after tremendous facial surgery to provide a... Readmore
Transgender voice surgery (MtF voice feminization surgery), continued
"I'm not sir, I'm ma'am." For MtF transgenders, even after tremendous facial surgery to provide a... Readmore
androphonia, puberphonia
Androphonia ( case 1 ) Puberphonia ( case 2 ) Puberphonia ( case 3 ) ... Readmore
androphonia, puberphonia(continued)
Voice Beauty Surgery - News Reports Puberphonia ( case 2 ) Puberphonia ( case 3 )... Readmore
Unilateral Vocal Fold Paralysis
Unilateral vocal fold paralysis is a condition characterized by an immobility of one vocal fold. ... Readmore
Vocal Fold Atrophy (with or without sulcus vocalis)
Vocal atrophy is a vocal disorder where the normal tropism of vocal cords is reduced. Because of ... Readmore
vocal atrophy (continued)
vocal fold atrophy ( case 6 ) Readmore
adductor spasmodic dysphonia
Adductor spasmodic dysphonia ( case 1 ) Adductor spasmodic dysphonia ( case 2 )... Readmore
adductor spasmodic dysphonia(continued)
Adductor spasmodic dysphonia ( case 6 ) Adductor spasmodic dysphonia ( case 7 ) ... Readmore
bilateral vocal fold paralysis
Bilateral vocal fold paralysis Readmore
laryngeal papillomatosis,laryngeal web
Laryngeal papillomatosis, diffused ( case 1 ) Laryngeal papillomatosis, diffused ( cas... Readmore
vocal nodule
聲帶結節1 ( 案例1 影像示範 ) 聲帶結節2 ( 案例2 影像示範 ) 聲帶結節3 ( 案例3 影... Readmore
vocal cyst
Vocal fold cyst ( case 1 ) Vocal fold polyp ( case 2 ) Vocal fold cyst ( cas... Readmore
vocal leukoplakia
聲帶白斑1 (術前/ 術後) ( 案例1 影像示範 ) 聲帶白斑2 ( 案例2 影像示範 ) 聲帶白斑... Readmore
vocal polyp
聲帶息肉1 (聲帶內視鏡檢查) ( 案例1 影像示範 ) 聲帶息肉2 (術前/術後) ( 案例2 影像示範 ) ... Readmore
normal vocal fold vibrations
Normal vibration wave patterns 健康兩點零訪問蘇院長和三位嗓音專家 ( 案例2 影像示範 ) Readmore
vocal fold defect
外傷性聲帶缺損 (術前/術後) ( 案例1 影像示範 ) 早期喉癌雷射切除造成之聲帶缺損 (術前/術後)... Readmore
laryngeal granuloma
喉部肉芽(聲帶內視鏡檢查) ( 案例1 影像示範 ) Readmore
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Foreign Patients

International patients interested to have a visit with Professor Su can contact the following: The Voice Beauty Center can reply your E-mailed inquires written in English or Chiese.
Phone: 籌備中預估6-8個月完成
Adress: 籌備中預估6-8個月完成
The total fee is around 4000-5000 US $ for each procedure considering case complexity. The postoperative 7- day cares are included in this fee. The waiting list is less than 3 weeks.

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